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Update: 8 Days to Launch 48

Hello dear. 😍 We hope you are enjoying the yearly festivities. We wish you all a warm Xmas and, good health and many discoveries for the new year. We hope 48 will be one of them. ❤️

We from our side have put our care and love into this platform. Which is near completion.
The backend stands firmly. Pretty excited to see it all in action. So why don’t you come over and try it out? It’s still free.

We’ll spare you the spectacular technical details for a next post. Until then, fee free to explore yourself.

New Features: check out all functions on the Hub and in your personal Profile.
For this NYE we will be using as a first (as with everything) a freshly installed Broadcast Channel.
The password is LAUNCH. Enjoy.

Have a great time ahead.
Thank you for your kind attention. 🙏

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