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Understanding Identity Systems – Part 3: The Risks of ID

Biometrics are the physiological and behavioural characteristics of individuals. This could be fingerprints, voice, face, retina and iris patterns, hand geometry, gait or DNA profiles. However, the legal definition of ‘biometrics’ may differ – in some contexts, it may be defined by law, whereas in others it may not have, or only have a vague, legal definition.
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What is Nostr, the Jack Dorsey-backed social network?

Nostr is unlike any traditional social network you’re familiar with. It’s not even a social network. It’s a three-year-old decentralized protocol, like the one that powers cryptocurrencies, on top of which developers can build all sorts of apps, such as a social network. Until recently, hardly anyone knew about Nostr outside the esoteric web3 community.
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