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Identity Systems – Part 2: Discrimination and Identity.

Here is the second part on Identity Systems.

  • Every country has an existing landscape of ways in which people can identify themselves. This can include an existing ID card system, but also a range from birth registration, to passports, to driver licenses. The effectiveness of these systems may be unevenly distributed, or otherwise problematic.
  • The nature of the existing ID landscape varies greatly from place-to-place. For example, in India, the number of existing forms of documentation for identity is massive, compared to a country such as Kenya where many lack documentation.
  • Similarly, it’s important to recognise that the spread of factors like birth registration across a country might be uneven. This could have consequences, for example, in making it hard for certain groups to gain access to a new ID.

    Read on in our Knowledge Base (Wiki): Part 2: Discrimination and Identity.
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