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48 on Radio Centraal

Jelle Debusscher (BE) is the Founder and Developer of the new Social Media Network 48 which has distinct properties like Open Source solutions and Data Privacy.
48 is being launched in Antwerp at the end of the month December on NYE!

Presentation of 48 (Interview in Dutch)

48 is the new social media network aimed at Transition, Community, Cooperation and Development.

Founder and developer Jelle Debusscher was a guest in the Studios of Radio Centraal on Saturday 10th December 2022 at noon with Joris.

He is talking about Open Source, Community, Data Privacy, Markets, Social Media, Programming, Funding, Timeframes, Features, Launch and more!

Watch the complete interview here.

*Editors note: Subtitles will be provided as soon as the service clears the recording.

A follow-up interview is scheduled somewhere in the period Jan-Feb 2023.